Mistress Macy of Manila and Angeles City




3 hours Session

Minimum for 2 Mistresses: 9000 Php.

Extra Mistresses: 1000 Php each


6 hours Session

Minimum for 2 Mistresses: 12000 Php

Extra Mistresses: 2000 Php each


6 -12 hours Session

Minimum for 2 Mistresses: 19000 Php

Extra Mistresses: 3000 Php each



In Manila for more than one day, Mistresses will require another room in same hotel preferably in same corridor as yours

Minimum 2 Mistresses: 26000 Php per day

Extra Mistresses: 4000 Php each


Couple to Couple when my boyfriend is participating: FREE

For 2 or more slaves, same sex for forced-bi, TV/TS, or mixed-sex for cuckold, rates will depend on individual fantasies.

All the toys are new and given to me by my personal slave, including for electro-CBT. There are still a few more I want to add to my collection. I need, leather hood, bull-whip, paddle, rattan cane, dildos/vibrators for prostate milking, and leather outfit for myself, like corset, gloves, long pants, etc. It’s almost impossible to get those sex toys through customs in Philippines or Thailand.

My goal is to have my own dungeons somewhere in the Philippines. I need your ideas regarding what will be the best location and how to manage it so that I can make a living from it. Any assistance in kind and ideas will be very much appreciated.


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